Designing services

In the designing process you can choose 2 options: conceptual or complex.

Each project is beginning from explaining the terms and conditions of the project and getting the necessary documentation providing the quality of further activities. In that phase we focus on transfering physical and emotional needs of our customer, defining the range of the project and its financial limits as well as planning further progress to reasure a healthy process.

Conceptual project

Complex project

Elevation project

The aim of the elevation project is to create coherent colouristic and material  conception of the building taking into account both its style and surrounding. The best moment to prepare it is before the start of constructing or before planned insulation and plastering of the elevation.

The elevation project‘s cost is valuated individually and it depends on the frontal surface and the level of the object’s complexity. The price also depends on the range of styling – whether to select elevation materials with their colour or perhaps the designer has to establish the system of water drainage, select window and door woodwork or design and select the lighting.

Elevation project can be ordered at a distance (all needed information, such as measurements and photographic documentation are sent by the investor) or during the meeting with an architect.

Project range

Space management project

The aim of the project is to create a coherent conception of the land usage, taking into account the surrounding and the style of the building. The cost of designing is estimated individually and it depends on the range of work, land’s surface and the level of land’s form.

Project range

Author’s supervision

Author’s supervision is an offer for the investors who want to make sure about the realisation of the investment according to the project. The service is based on the cooperation of the architect with the contractors of the renovation and finishing operations.


During the supervision we are present on the site, talking to the contructors about the accepted solutions and controlling the progress of the work. During the supervision we also help with solving current technical problems and, when needed, we offer extra solutions.

Online designing

On-Line design is aimed at people who do not have time or possibility to meet with the designer. We offer an on-line interior project, without leaving your house, straight on your computer. The only difference comparing with traditional methods of cooperation is the way of communication with the customer – via phone or e-mail instead of personal meetings. The necessary element is to send the full documentation by the customer – plans, drawings, measurements, photographs.

Project consultations

  • assistance in selection of colours, furnishing, lighting and accessories
  • consultation connected with functionality
  • answers to customer’s questions
  • necessary drawings in 3D programme (supplied to customer)

Home staging

preparing the property to be sold or for rent, individual valuation

Public space complex project